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Trigger Point Therapy

wtrigger point therapy practitioners in hercules, caTrigger point therapy (TPT) involves detailed knowledge of functioning of muscles and the way muscles work in coordination within our body. Injury or overworking of muscles causes it to tighten forming tight muscle fibers. Trigger point massage works on such muscles to alleviate the pain and provide relief.

Tight muscle fibers can cause pain in various parts of body. The pain may either be near the muscle fibers or a little away from the actual muscle group. Neck pain, dull or sharp, may be alleviated by eliminating a trigger point in the back – this type of pain is known as referred pain. This pain may further be transferred to other adjacent body part like head. Such transfer of pain is referred to as referral pain. However, the actual cause of the pain could be due to some other reason.

Our expert team of qualified and licensed therapists provides you instant comfort from such pain in just one treatment session. This treatment involves continuous deep breathing technique. While doing so, the professional therapist will apply and release pressure to identify the source of pain. You will have to inform your therapist where it pains and how severely it pains. With the help of trigger point massage, the constricted areas are released and this is the area where trigger point therapy is needed. The best thing about trigger point therapy is that there is no need of medicine or surgery. The stress and pain caused due to chronic injury can be alleviated with regular trigger point therapy. In the case of additional dysfunctional movement patterns, we may advise Neurokinetic Therapy as a supplement to your treatment.

There are more than 600 muscles in your body and trigger point can develop anywhere. The body movements can be restricted or the body posture may be distorted or perhaps you may sense extreme pain causing dysfunction of the body due to referral pain. Other unusual symptoms like dizziness, sweating, ringing ears and locked knees may be experienced as well. Let our expert therapist know if you sense anything abnormal in your body.

Restricted movement and weakness are caused due to latent trigger points. While some sort of injury, overuse of muscles and improper posture are the causes of active trigger points. They further lead to referral pain or some other painful sensations. The therapist concentrates on a few possible areas to detect a positive change after a treatment method. In the following sessions, the therapist includes one or two of these areas till he/she indentifies the exact area that offers relief.

There may be several areas where trigger point therapy may be required. Trigger point therapy causes other muscle fibers to contract due to referred message from trigger point, which leads to restricted movement. Some muscles are unable to function properly due to the pain. This leads to weakness and loss of coordination. Besides this, the muscles do not respond positively during trigger point therapy as they are weak and get tired faster.

There are still some studies conducted to understand how trigger points help. But we cannot deny the fact that this therapy relieves pain and improves mobility. The therapist examines the same areas in the following appointments while new areas are being assessed. Patience is absolutely necessary. The area is evaluated to the point when the therapist is sure that, that particular area is the cause of the pain or not.

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