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As a retired professional dancer and now, as a full time ballet and ballroom dance instructor, I've come to value and rely on the benefits of high quality bodywork. I consider myself supremely lucky to have found Adrienne. Her knowledge and many years of experience inspire trust. This, combined with her generous spirit and spot-on intuition, make her a powerful healer.

Since beginning regular sessions with her six months ago, I've become a new and improved person! No more hormonal and stress-related headaches; the chronic aches and tension that I carried in my neck and shoulder muscles for many years is gone; and almost magically, she repairs any work-related injuries or strains that I incur during the week.

The combination of her nurturing personality and exceptional skill, paired with the calming ambience of her office (not to mention the pure, un-greasy-yet silky-smooth unscented massage cream that she makes herself!), all add up to make a visit to Adrienne's feel like a mini-vacation. She is a gentle soul with hands of steel, and I plan on remaining her client for as long as she'll have me!

Julie L.

I went to Adrienne for a list of accumulated minor sports injuries that are preventing me from doing the workouts that keep me in shape. It is clear that she is knowledgeable and that she is experienced at applying her knowledge expertly. My circumstances require more work and I have already booked a second appointment


Adrienne is a miracle worker! I'm a long time client, and honestly can't imagine going anywhere else. Adrienne has worked through my usual complaint of neck and shoulder pain, but also been an honest and helpful source for other ailments that come up from time to time. I think her expertise and compassion is amazing, and I've even turned my skeptical husband into a convert. You won't find a more knowledgeable and better listener than you will with Adrienne.


This was my second massage with Jeannette, and she is superb. She helped avert a mini-crisis when my daughter, whom I've visiting, became unexpectedly free 15 minutes into my appointment and Jeannette volunteered to move the rest of the massage to later in the day. She has great hands, has an intuitive feel for massage and, just as important, is a genuinely warm, caring person. Can't recommend her enough.

Bill R.

Best massage I've ever had, and I've had many. She found pressure points and firmly applied sufficient pressure to relieve my pain.

David Weltzman

I've been seeing Adrienne at Mend on and off for close to a year. She's one of the best therapists I've ever had. She really knows her stuff, and she's good at figuring out which muscles are firing and which are compensating. She also just has a really fabulous personality and is fun to talk to!


Michael is a savior! It's been years that I've been living with a shoulder problem and it's something I've just learned to ignore but after going to Mend I can't believe the movement I now have! Originally I just went in to help relieve some neck pain but came out with a huge bonus of a fully functional shoulder

Christina M.

I had tweaked my back a couple of weeks prior and the pain was radiating down my hip and quad. I was also five weeks post-partum, so pretty fragile. Michael asked a lot of questions as he worked and eventually found the root of the problem--on the opposite side I'd presumed--and gave me a really effective massage. I had limped in, hobbled out, could walk straight the next day and am now in very little pain. Thanks Michael!


Saw Adrienne there and am feeling SO much better. I had seen physical therapists, massage, acupuncture specialists... nothing seemed to do the trick. I had heard such great things about her eventhough I had to drive from the City to see her it was definitely worth it. Luckily Mend is in a nice neighborhood too so I took BART over, had a nice lunch after and enjoyed some East Bay sunshine after my session. I HIGHLY recommend Mend.

Kasi S.

I just had my second massage today with Adrienne and it confirmed what I thought after the the first one: this woman is a genius! She seems both knowledgable and intuitive -- she clearly is very well-schooled in her discipline but also just very perceptive and tuned-in to my body. I also like the fact that she is good about explaining the underlying issues and helping me to understand what I could do to improve the situation beyond just continuing with massage. After the first massage a long-standing hamstring problem was almost completely resolved and with the second she has made even more improvements in my achy old body. She is very professional, (friendly but not overly chatty) and the treatment space is quite nice.

Kathleen M.

I've been suffering for years with pain in my hips and Jeanette took one look at me, saw the imbalance and dysfunction, and set to work straightening me out. She is intuitive, patient, strong and basically a genius. I'm getting better and I finally have optimism that I'll beat this chronic pain.


Adrienne is amazing. If you need a therapeutic massage (and not just a feel good massage), her training in neuromuscular release is spot-on. She has really helped me keep my various physical quirks in check.


You find out very quickly the difference between a "feel good" massage and one that actually helps your body. Adrienne is an excellent care giver and healer. Her knowledge and skills are superb, I trust her to heal my body and love her sense of humor as well! I go on a regular basis, and know when I've waited a week or two to long for a visit Thank you Adrienne.

Sarah K.

Short history - have had lots of bodywork over many years. Mend has some of the most skilled practitioners I have ever had. Needed relief from a fall. I was in severe discomfort and agreed to take whoever was available. Leigh was available and did a wonderful job giving my very sore body the healing touch it yearned for. Her caution, yet, confidence was right on and my body responded. With further work and chiropractic, I am on my way back to balance. Thank you!

Ron R.

I have only received spa massages in the past and the occasional back rub, but I knew the nerve sensations I was experiencing required a more therapeutic approach. I chose Mend because I was attracted to the name and the reviews. I feel that I made the right choice as Adrienne explained and demonstrated to me what was happening in my body. I will recommend to others and come in for another appointment.


I've been working as a massage therapist full time for over 10 years in the Bay area. I've traded work with close to a hundred massage therapists in that time.

Adriene Saltzberg at Mend surprised me with her skill, the quality of her touch, and her knowledge. Mind you, I was expecting good work, I had a pretty good idea of her training and we have talked before about her work, so I was expecting solid "A" work when I went in today. What I got was remarkable across the board.

I have a shoulder that's been dislocated in the past, a back injury that's over 30 years old and a hip that's starting to act up (I sound like an old man don't I?). I'm also not a small body, which can be more challenging to work with. Adrienne addressed every issue I mentioned (and a few that I had forgotten that she skillfully found) directly, precisely and with an understanding that was both comprehensive and compassionate.

The space is slightly tricky to get to (come in on the west side of the building) but once you get up to the second floor where Mend is located, the decor and furnishings are comfortable and attractive.

Taylor S.

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