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Sports Massage Therapy

sports therapy - hercules massage clinicWhether you are a professional, amateur or a casual athlete, you will surprised by the impact of sports massage therapy on your body. This therapy helps you feel energized and light while performing any physical activity or during you warm-up sessions. For example, Swedish massage involves vibration, kneading, circular and long strokes which strengthen and relax the body. This professional massage not only treats injuries, but also prevents them which may be caused while practicing any physical activity.

Mostly, massage therapy is given once high levels of tension occurs. Sports massage therapy should be a part of your schedule, that is, before, during and after performing any sports activity. Your performance is made more effective as the body gets energized and relaxed after the massage. This kind of massage therapy promotes flexibility as it increases tolerance of your muscles and soft tissues thereby boosting your sports performance.

Here are a few reasons why pre-activity massage makes you feel fresh and good.

  1. Improves blood flow,
  2. Reduces blood pressure and heart rate,
  3. Prevents tense muscles which causes strain and injury, and
  4. Targets specific areas of pain to provide relief.


A Sports Massage Custom-Tailored to Enhance Your Performance

There are many different types of massage therapies. The therapy you ought to receive depends on your height, weight and the sports activity you perform. A sports massage is designed for your athletic needs. There are some muscle tissues that need intense massaging strokes, while others may just require soft and gentle manipulation. The purpose of this massage is to keep you healthy and prevent injuries. At the same time, we also ensure that you develop stamina, endurance and toned muscles with various massage therapies.

The human body includes hundreds of muscles which are made up of thousands of flexible muscles bonded together. There are 600 voluntary and involuntary muscles within the body. One of our licensed therapists will explain to you the significance of various muscle groups for sports activity you want to perform. You will also get enough information about the care and attention required so you can deliver your best performance.

The main objective of the therapist is to know the actual cause of your pain and injury. Not only does he/she treat the injured or painful area, but also other areas that might be paining or tingling or pulled due to the sports activity. It is recommended to discuss all your issues with your therapist. If you feel that the massage therapy is not effective or if you have some questions regarding the recovery process, feel free to discuss it with your therapist.

Massage therapy may include simple exercises like stretching which work on a specific muscle group. It may be complicated in that it works on deeper layer. This helps in separation of tissues involving specific strokes and strong movement. Mend’s sports massage therapists are professionals in their field and experts in 3 important fields below:

  • Kinesiology: the science of human movement
  • Anatomy: the structure of the human body
  • Physiology: The way cells, body organs, and muscles work together

With the help of this understanding, the therapist can plan an effective and preventive treatment plan especially for you. Training and exercises are usually combined for better results. You have to give your best performance on track, field, water or slopes with comfort and ease, so it is necessary to keep yourself motivated towards this effective healing and recovery program.

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