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Sports Massage

Professional, amateur, and casual athletes are often surprised at the impact sports massage therapy makes on their particular activity and warm-up routines. Like Swedish massage, it involves kneading, vibration, long strokes, and circular movements designed to energize and relax the body. Its main purpose is to treat and prevent injuries caused by participation in sporting events.

It is true that most types of massage techniques are applied after tension or strain occurs. Sports massage is part of your procedure before, during, and after any type of sports activity. Your body performs better when you are relaxed and ready for competition. This type of treatment prepares your muscles and soft tissues for the endurance needed to perform well by promoting flexibility.

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There are several reasons you will feel good as the result of a pre-activity massage. It increases your blood flow while reducing blood pressure and your heart rate, you are less likely to end up with tense muscles that lead to strain and other injury, and areas of pain are targeted to provide relief.

A Sports Massage Designed Just For Your Needs

Sports Massage TherapyNo two massages are the same: Height, weight, and the type of sports in which you participate influence the type of program designed especially for you. Certain muscles typically require more emphasis than others. Our goal is to keep you healthy and injury-free while developing strength, stamina, and muscle tone in targeted areas through the use of different massage techniques.

Thousands of flexible fibers bind together and build muscles in the human body. Each person has more than 600 voluntary and involuntary muscles. Your professional sports massage therapist will explain the different muscle groups needed for the sporting events in which you participate and the type of care needed for you to deliver maximum results.

Your therapist looks beyond a specific problem or injury in order to find the cause for the problem. It’s possible another part of your body may be causing tingling, aching, or pulled muscles and will be treated along with the area you have trouble with. We encourage you to participate in the discussion. Feel free to ask questions about any process you do not understand or consider effective.

Treatment may be as simple as performing stretching exercises for a particular muscle group. It can be as involved as the separation of tissues by working deep into their layers with specific, intense movement. Following are three important areas of study in which a Mend sports massage therapist must be proficient:

  • Kinesiology: the science of human movement
  • Anatomy: the structure of the human body
  • Physiology: how cells, organs, and muscles of the human body work together

Acquiring and applying this understanding helps the therapist analyze and draw up a pattern of preventive and healing treatment especially for you. Exercises can be combined with other training. The motivating factor to continue the program is better performance on the track, field, slopes, or water with less pain.

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