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Mend - Human Repair Shop & Massage is more than a massage and therapy clinic. The combined experience of our practitioners provides our patients with rejuvenation, relaxation, and recovery for the body. The purpose of medical massage is to alleviate aches and pains brought on by a number of chronic conditions and injuries. We are proud of our role as part of the overall wellness and healing program for your injuries as prescribed by your primary doctor or medical specialist. You can rely on our pledge to provide effective, safe treatment that addresses many medical conditions.

The success of this hands-on form of treatment has been recorded for centuries. Practitioners and therapists use touch to manipulate the soft tissue of the body and muscles. Courses in medical massage techniques deliver proficiency in kneading and gentle stroking as well as manual techniques that go even deeper into the body to encourage relief and healing.


Improved Well-Being & Long Term Benefits

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Our clients often leave their session with a sense of well-being. Massage benefits the nervous system as well as the musculoskeletal and circulatory systems. You’ll be aware of the relief of stress and tension in your body after your first medical massage from one of our licensed therapists.

Your treatment is designed to address your specific needs, and it may include cold and hot application therapy. You’ll be asked to participate more in exercises and other treatment as your body continues to heal. Massages will target specific areas and increase in depth and intensity as your therapist treats injured, weak, or inflamed muscular structures.

Feedback before, during, and after each session is important. If you feel discomfort or pain, please let your therapist know right away so the procedure can be explained and adjusted, if necessary. If you feel relief after a specific touch, mention that as well. Your acknowledgment of helpful practices is as effective in your recovery.

Improved Muscle Function

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Improved function and reduced pain are massage benefits you may notice right away. Relaxed muscle tissue promotes increased joint space and range of motion while decreasing nerve compression. An article from the University of Minnesota notes that “massage therapy may also improve circulation.” (1) Specific benefits include both increased oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells and assistance in removing excessive fluid from body tissues.

Children may require medical massage therapy as part of their treatment. Specialists from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA note that “Massage has been found to be very effective for children suffering from diabetes, asthma, and other skin or arthritic problems.”(2) It also reduces anxiety and depression that may be brought about because of the diabetes and help regulate blood sugar.

Open Communication With Your Therapist

We encourage you to ask about any concerns you have regarding massage therapy and treatment. Our patients benefit from the specialized care and concern from their practitioner and our entire team. You will benefit by learning more about your body and its relationship with pain. The human touch is comforting and restores confidence for dealing with pain as your therapist demonstrates pain management procedures and practices you can use between sessions.

Be sure to drink water after each session, as it flushes away toxins released during your massage. Proper rest and eating healthy foods are also important steps to your recovery. Some discomfort after the session is normal, especially in those who have never received a massage or do not receive one frequently. Discuss any discomfort with your therapist to see if there are optional treatments that will lower the pain during your recovery.

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