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Deep Tissue Massage

We Provide Deep Tissue Massage in Hercules, CADeep tissue massage is one of the most common massage techniques because of the many benefits it provides to tense and stiff muscles. Our practitioners at Mend – Human Repair Shop & Massage are licensed and qualified to loosen muscles in your shoulders, neck, & lower back and realign the layers of tissues and muscles far beneath the skin’s surface.

Reduce Inflammation, Relieve Pain & Promote Healing

Typical reasons that lead our clients to request our therapy techniques are generally related to injury in any part of the body. Automobile accidents damage your body (as well as your car) and can take a week or more before you are aware of pain or discomfort. It is common for runners and athletes to pull tendons and muscles. Deep tissue massage reduces inflammation. It also restores the flexibility of injured muscles by targeting deep layers of connective tissue and muscle.

Massage Therapy for Headaches & TensionOur clients are often surprised to find out that poor posture causes headaches and tension. Your therapist will determine which therapy techniques will encourage better methods of standing and sitting. Discuss continually stiff or sore areas of your body with your therapist prior to a massage so those areas will be loosened before receiving a more specific and beneficial treatment.

Specialized Relaxation & Improved Well-Being

Many of our clients request a deep tissue massage because it is so relaxing. Ask your therapist about any soreness or pain you feel during the procedure. Discomfort is usually experienced during this type of massage because of the pressure that is applied to your body. Talking about how the method is affecting you will permit the therapist to explain what is being done, how it should feel, and anticipated benefits. Of course, you may also tell your therapist if the pressure is too much or not enough.

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It’s important to drink lots of water after the session. Deep tissue massage (and other intense therapeutic massages) causes toxins and other waste stored within your muscles to break free. Consuming water is the ideal way to flush them out of your system, which is precisely how therapeutic massage benefits your body as a whole.

We encourage you to discuss any concerns before scheduling an appointment for a deep tissue massage. If you have recently had surgery or have problems with blood clotting, other therapy techniques may be recommended. Please discuss any medical issues you have before your appointment

It is normal for the area that received deep tissue massage to have soreness or stiffness for a day or two because of the firm, slower strokes used in this procedure. Please tell your therapist if the pain is excessive. The purpose of the massage is to promote your greater well-being. You and your therapist are an effective team working towards that goal.

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