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Neurokinetic Therapy®

nkt-logoIn 1985 David Weinstock introduced a massage technique known as Neurokinetic Therapy® (NKT). This highly effective massage technique recognizes the movement patterns that have become dysfunctional. Tests are conducted to identify the group of muscles that work instead of muscles damaged due to inflammation and pain. The damaged muscles are revived again by manipulation techniques used by the massage therapist. Neurokinetic therapy is used along with other therapeutic therapies like chiropractic treatment, acupuncture and physical therapy. The main goal is to eliminate pain or alleviate it considerably. It’s quite different from massage techniques such as deep tissue massage in that it corrects dysfunctional neural circuitry opposed to tight muscle fibers.

The main benefits are:

  • Prevents damage
  • Better balance and co-ordination among muscles
  • Long lasting results
  • Reinstate movement
  • Recognize wrong body posture and corrects it


We identify the main cause of the problem

If possible, we identify the root cause of the problem and treat it accordingly. We along with our patients work as a team and discuss the main issues that lead to pain. In order to eliminate pain completely, we make sure that we investigate and find the cause of the pain. We try to understand the patient’s lifestyle, the main causes of pain and prepare a treatment plan to cure the main cause of problem.

Lower Back Pain

Improper body posture, excess weight, lack of exercise and heavy weight lifting are some of the main causes of lower back pain. The low back muscles are tightened due to weaker abdominal muscles. People suffering from twisted hips or hips with different heights causes imbalance in muscle tissues. A proven way to eliminate the actual cause of pain is Neurokinetic Therapy® as effectively it strengthens the area.


A person suffering from Sciatica experiences nerve pain on the side of the leg, in buttocks or down the back. Moreover, the pain increases due to lack of physical exercise, wrong sleeping posture or if the person is wearing wrong footwear such as high heels. Initially the pain may be occasional; this often leads to chronic, frequent, and unbearable pain and discomfort. Sciatica causes painful sensations along one side of the lower body which can further move to foot and toes as well.

Treating Sinus Infections & Tinnitus with Cranial Manipulation

People often suffer from sinus infections and tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. Sinus infection causes accumulation of mucus which can be cleared and removed from the body with the help of Cranial therapy. Ringing of ears may be caused by a tight jaw and pressure on adjoining bones. For treating this problem, it is necessary to reduce pressure on the underlying membrane of the head and the bones which is done with the help of Cranial Manipulation. Also, post-concussion symptoms like memory loss, headache and dizziness are treated as well.

Knee Injuries

People often suffer from knee injuries, irrespective of their age. Thus, to restore strength, functionality and balance of specific leg muscles (vastus medialis), it is recommended to consider NKT®. Professional sports players like runners, football players and skiers must have strong knees to perform their sports perfectly. Our professional team at Mend – Human Repair Shop & Massage is completely trained to help you give your best athletic performance.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) have shown a significant rise since the introduction of computers. While operating computers, people use their forearm and palm of hand which causes the median nerves to be compressed. Others who suffer this kind of health issue are guitarists, violinists, people who do knitting and crocheting etc. Any kind of surgical treatment for this problem helps only for a short period. Rehabilitative exercises help to treat weak finger extensors which eventually decrease numbness and tingling of the fingers and hand. Continuous exercises help to strengthen and rectify the hand movements.

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