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Medical Massage

arm massageMend – Human Repair Shop & Massage is a one-stop massage and therapy center. Besides massage and therapy, our highly trained therapists provide rejuvenation, relaxation and recovery of the patient’s body. Medical massage is offered to Hercules patients who are suffering from body ache and distress due to chronic health issues and injuries. We are happy to help you recover and be a part of your healing and wellness program. Our safe and effective treatment methods will help you alleviate your pain and discomfort.

For centuries, massage therapy has proven to be quite effective. Massage therapists and health care practitioners use touch therapy to massage on soft tissues aligning muscles and body. Training programs for medical massage not only deliver efficiency in gentle massage and kneading techniques, but also in manual massage techniques that work deep in the body providing long term relief and recovery.

Better Overall Health and Long Lasting Health Advantages

Massage therapy is beneficial for musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and circulatory system. Thus, our patients are quite satisfied after every session. You will experience a sense of well-being immediately after you receive first medical massage from one of the highly skilled and licensed therapists in our Hercules office.

Depending on your health condition and needs, you may be given a particular treatment plan which might consist of hot and cold application therapy or trigger point therapy. Once the healing process of your body starts, you will be asked to perform more exercises and provided other types of treatment to help your body heal further. Massages are done on specific body parts which eventually intensify and go deeper in the body to heal your injured, inflamed, weak or painful muscles.

It is necessary to provide feedback to your therapist before, during and after every massage session. Also, make sure your therapist knows if you experience any type of pain, discomfort or distress. Your therapist will explain you the process and adjust the massaging techniques if required. Moreover, if you feel a sense of relief after certain massage techniques, inform your therapist about it. This will help your therapist deliver a session that assists your recovery.


Better Functioning of Muscles

You will experience immediate massage benefits like better functioning of muscles and less pain. Massaging helps the tired muscles to relax which in turn increases space in joints and promotes better movements. It also decreases nerve compression. The University of Minnesota published in an article that “Massage therapy improves blood circulation”.

1. Among other benefits, massage helps to improve oxygen and nutrients to the cells of muscles. It also helps in removing extra fluid within body tissues.

Not just adults, medical massage therapy may be recommended for children as well. It can be a part of their treatment plan. Professionals working with Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA claim that “Children suffering from health issues like diabetes, arthritis, asthma or any skin problems can improve their health conditions through effective massage therapy.

2. Other issues associated with diabetes, like high blood sugar, depression and anxiety can be reduced with massage, whether or not it is due to an underlying disease or illness.

Talk With Your Therapist Openly

If you have any questions or doubts regarding massage therapy and treatment, you can openly communicate with your therapist. Our professional team of practitioners provide specialized care and treatment to their patients. They will explain to you the relationship between your body and the pain. The human touch has proven to be quite effective in alleviating pain and providing comfort. It builds confidence to deal with your pain and discomfort. Your therapist helps you understand the best way to manage pain in between the massage session.

It is advisable to drink enough water after every massage session. Water helps to flush out the toxins from your body that are released during massage procedure. Eating balanced and nutritious food along with sufficient amount of rest helps you toward speedy recovery. It is quite normal if you feel some kind of discomfort or pain after a massage session, particularly, if it is your first massage or if you are getting it done after a long time. You may talk to your therapist about the pain and discomfort felt after massage. Your therapist might suggest you some optional treatment that might help reduce the pain during your recovery.

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