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Welcome to the home page of the new office of Mend - Human Repair Shop & Massage of Hercules, CA. If you'd like to book your appointment right away you may call us at 510-924-0717 or send us a message online. We look forward to working with you on your path to relaxation and pain recovery.


Below are several of the primary services we provide

Sports Massage Therapy

Professional athletes benefit tremendously from routine therapeutic sports massage sessions. These sessions benefit the player two-fold: first by restoring hindered athletic function due to overuse or injury, and secondly by preventing injury and pain from overuse. Our sports massage techniques are custom-tailored to meet each athlete's personal and professional goal.

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Medical Massage

Sufferers from chronic pain and body pain (such as neck & back pain) as well as individuals looking to benefit by a boosted immune system should consider a regular medical massage. In addition to physical symptoms, medical massages stimulate neurotransmitters responsible for positive mood and well-being which makes this massage idea for those going through anxiety, depression, or stress.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Perhaps the most common therapeutic massage technique, deep tissue massage is ideal for alleviating pain and reducing inflammation. It's particularly effective after an accident or injury while the sufferer is recovering mobility and range of motion. Deep tissue targets muscle layers deep beneath the skin that other massage techniques don't focus on. These strokes, kneads, and various motions to place pressure make deep tissue massage a wonderful muscular restoration mechanism as well as an overall health-booster.

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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are tight muscle fibers that 'refer' pain to other areas. For example, a sufferer may feel a sharp, stinging pain in their shoulder, yet the origin might closer to the center of their upper back. Trigger point therapy (TPT) locates the source of these pain-signals and eliminates them using targeted pressure and release of pressure. We work with the patient using deep breathing techniques for enhanced effect of our massage techniques.

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Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT®)

Neurokinetic Therapy is the brainchild of David Weinstock, a respected expert in manual therapy techniques for over 30 years. He developed this system of bodywork in 1985 alongside his peers. Neurokinetic Therapy is a corrective movement system that efforts to treat dysfunction by fixing improper movement patterns. The 'neuro' part of its namesake refers to the brain's heavy involvement in movement - both proper and improper movements. NKT essentially 'rewires' muscular function to identically match ideal movement patterns.

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Corporate Massage Services

Our corporate massage service is a great way to introduce a health & wellness program at your workplace. This benefits not only the employees, but the employer as well through increased productivity, reduced stress, improved focus & efficiency, fewer absences, improved morale, and more! Additionally, workplace wellness programs such as corporate massage are found to reduce health care costs up to twice as much as is initially invested.

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