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Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage - hercules, ca massage therapyOne of the most common massage techniques is deep tissue massage. It provides many benefits to combat stiff, tense muscles. Mend – Human Repair Shop & Massage has many qualified and fully licensed therapists on staff to help you ease tension. We’re fully trained to loosen muscles, re-align muscle tissues, relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain, and more.

Faster Recovery, Alleviate Pain and Relax Muscles

Among other reasons, anyone suffering physical injuries due to an accident or mishap requests our professional therapy techniques to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. When someone goes through physical injury, it can take the body up a week to experience discomfort, inflammation or pain. Generally, athletes and professional sports players suffer from muscle inflammation which is reduced with deep tissue massage techniques. We help you regain flexibility by targeting the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue.

We also let our patients understand that wrong body postures can lead to headaches and body pain. They often find this quite surprising! Your therapist recommends you the best and most effective therapy techniques that correct your body posture while standing and sitting. Before any massage therapy, discuss all your health issues like stiff or sore muscles with your therapist. This will help the therapist to loosen stiff muscles prior to starting any particular kind of treatment to improve results.


Expert Massage Techniques For Better Overall Health

A deep tissue massage can be very relaxing; no wonder most of our clients request it so often. Make sure to inform your therapist about any kind of discomfort or soreness felt during the massage. Since there is pressure applied to the body in this massaging technique, you may experience some amount of discomfort. Additionally, make sure you let your therapist know you feel the pressure applied is too much or too little during massage.

Therapeutic massages like deep tissue massage helps to eliminate accumulated wastes and toxins from your body, thus it is recommended to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. Consumption of water provides maximum benefits of therapeutic massage as it helps to flush out the toxins and wastes from your body completely.

Before you schedule an appointment at our Hercules massage clinic, make sure to discuss all your health related issues and concerns with us. You may be suggested some other therapy if you have undergone a surgery recently or have health issues like blood clotting etc. Thus, do not forget to discuss your health issues before your appointment.

As deep tissue massage involves pressure and firm strokes on your body, you might experience some kind of stiffness or pain in that part of the body. Don’t worry, such pain is absolutely normal. However, if you have significant pain, please inform your therapist. Our main objective is to help you regain better overall health. Your therapist and you work together as an efficient team to accomplish this objective successfully.

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