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Mend - Human Repair Shop & Massage

Mend - Human Repair Shop & Massage

It's no surprise that massage therapy has been linked to countless benefits physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. After a professional massage by one of our licensed therapists, you'll feel an overwhelming peace and relaxation. Therapeutic massage serves as a mechanism for healing. Injury and dysfunction can hinder our daily lives; massage can help remedy this discomfort.

At Mend - Human Repair Shop & Massage, we wish to show you the miracle of therapeutic massage using one of our highly-practiced modalities. We offer deep tissue massage, sports massage, medical massage, Neurokinetic Therapy®, trigger point therapy, just to name a few.

Berkeley Therapeutic Massage

Whether you work in a physically demanding job, go to school full time, want to relieve muscle tension, or all of the above, Mend - Human Repair Shop & Massage is the place that Berkeley, CA residents turn to in times of aches and pains.

Our trained & licensed therapeutic massage practitioners are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. Combined, our team has nearly a century of experience in the industry, and we treat countless conditions from dysfunction related to repetitive movement in the workplace to recovering from sports injuries. Our diverse knowledge of therapeutic massage guarantees that one of our practitioners is ideal for your specific path to recovery.

Services We Provide

Medical Massage

In addition to stress and tension relief, massage has many medical benefits. While massage is no replacement for a doctor's visit when illness occurs, massage may be used to mend or expedite muscle healing and boost the immune system.

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Sports Massage

Athletes have some of the highest injury rates among all professions. Some of these issues don't occur immediately but appear after some time (even after one stops playing the sport). Our sports massages are both restorative and preventative in regards to acute / major muscle injury.

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Neurokinetic Therapy®

We follow Dr. David Weinstock's philosophy that most injuries and dysfunctions can be corrected with the use of Neurokinetic Therapy ®. We use NKT® for a variety of conditions, including: low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, and other areas needing rehabilitative therapy.

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Deep Tissue Massage

The hard-to-reach muscles deep beneath your skin's surface are those that offer the most discomfort when tense or injured. Our trained & licensed therapists will release the knots and tensions and promote wellness & healing even after only one session. As one of the most common forms of massage therapy, deep tissue massage provides benefits to almost all individuals.

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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are built-up 'imperfections' covering muscles all over your body. When left untreated, they prevent your muscles from efficiently working together and can lead to great levels of discomfort, tension, hindered mobility, and even pain. Trigger point therapy locates and releases these imperfections to promote a restored state of balance and healthy muscle operation.

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Worldwide Experience

Our team of licensed practitioners has in-depth training on therapeutic massage techniques from all over the world. We provide Berkeley the benefits of rehabilitative massage & proven techniques to relieve stress and enhance performance. No matter the condition of your body, massage will provide you significant benefit. Our massage sessions are custom-tailored to what you specifically wish to achieve in your session.

Our Practitioners

A Word From a Happy Client

Julie L. says:

As a retired professional dancer and now, as a full time ballet and ballroom dance instructor, I've come to value and rely on the benefits of high quality bodywork. I consider myself supremely lucky to have found Adrienne. Her knowledge and many years of experience inspire trust. This, combined with her generous spirit and spot-on intuition, make her a powerful healer.

Since beginning regular sessions with her six months ago, I've become a new and improved person! No more hormonal and stress-related headaches; the chronic aches and tension that I carried in my neck and shoulder muscles for many years is gone; and almost magically, she repairs any work-related injuries or strains that I incur during the week.

The combination of her nurturing personality and exceptional skill, paired with the calming ambience of her office (not to mention the pure, un-greasy-yet silky-smooth unscented massage cream that she makes herself!), all add up to make a visit to Adrienne's feel like a mini-vacation. She is a gentle soul with hands of steel, and I plan on remaining her client for as long as she'll have me!

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